#1 Junk Removal Company in Crystal River, Florida

Junk Removal Crystal River Fl

We are proud to service as the #1 Junk Removal Company in Crystal River, Fl. Fresh spring water is not in short supply to Crystal River, with more than 50 springs feeding into Kings Bay it’s a beloved local spot. It’s also the home of the manatee but don’t worry, they are not on the sharks menu! Crystal River is known as the place “where man and manatee play”. A fun fact about the town is back in 1969 when the local power plant was being excavated Rhinoceros and Mastodon bones as well as large armadillo and land tortoise shells were found. Crystal River is also known to be ” one of the richest phosphate deposits in the world”. If your visiting Crystal River be sure to go horseback riding, golfing and stop to go swimming with the manatees. There is also an annual manatee festival in January that is very fun to visit! These are all very unique, fun, and family friendly experiences!We love each and every community that we serve. It is our goal as a company to personally get to know the area we are serving. We want to provide a “hometown” feel to every community.

We strive to be a company you can call back over the years and even feel confident in referring to a friend. We look forward to giving Crystal River its first experience with a professional junk removal company. We are very excited to give the community a fast a friendly way to keep the city they love clean. Whether your job is big or small it will be be given the same level of importance. Here at The Junk Sharks, we are committed to giving our customers a company they feel comfortable around. We want each customer to feel like their Job is top on our list.